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Breakthrough Into Recovery By Rory MaGrath

After 17 years of heavy drinking, Rory MaGrath found freedom from his addiction to alcohol. A practical approach that helped him access the power of GOD and find freedom from addiction.

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About Author

Rory MaGrath

Finding My Freedom From Addiction 


The Miracle

This is basically my life story from beginning to present, and I am hoping that as you read it, you are able to relate to what I went through rather than trying to compare, as everyone’s stories will be slightly different. If you are able to relate, I sincerely believe (as I did when I heard another’s story) this will give you an understanding that you may be on the same path as I was, and that connection will give you a hope that this solution (if honestly worked), will also bring you the same freedom from your dependency disorder, as what it brought to me – it truly is a miracle!

The Question

The question asked all the time is am I an alcoholic? Only you can answer this question, but this book will give you some real food for thought. In my experience, I do not believe you will be able to work the program properly and find freedom from alcohol (or whichever dependency disorder you may have), if you have not got this question settled in your own mind. The reason I say this, is that we will not be whole-heatedly committed to working any program if there is an element of doubt in the diagnoses – this will require honesty on your part.

The Truth

Often in life we as humans tend to focus on our symptoms, rather than on the true source of the problem. For many aliments in life, treating the symptoms does not cure the disease. I came to see that my dependency disorder (alcohol) was not my problem, but rather my feeble solution that had stopped working. I came to realise through the program that the true source of my problem lay in the fact that I was powerless, and that I needed to find a power that would maintain and not give out – as my temporary alcohol solution had.

Life After

“The show must go on”, as they say. Life with all its challenges does not stop just because we have now found freedom from our dependency disorders. The so-called ‘triggers’ that used to drive us straight to the next pint, will still be there. We need a maintenance program so that when we face life, we have a system that helps steer us away from the old solution and habits, and guides us to our new found solution and source of real power. You will find out that it is our total powerlessness that ends up being be our greatest asset in victory.

My Family

How our families relate to us and how we relate to them after the misery and destruction our addictions have caused (for however many years), is a really important aspect of our recovery to consider. There will need to be understanding on both sides of what may follow sobriety, as well as healing and patience for the family and friends afflicted. In many cases, there is real recovery needed for family members, as their own character defects such as dishonesty, bitterness and resentment have built up, and are actually busy destroying their lives and peace of mind – they too can find true freedom.

The Program

I would not have stayed recovered had I not worked this program as best I could. I was so tired of hearing about solutions you had to try and circumnavigate and figure out on your own – so how was I going to figure out how to go through a whole program on my own? I have laid out the program step-of-step exactly how I worked through it, with proper real-life examples of how I was thinking, and actual examples filled into worksheets you will use – think of it like a cake recipe. There is a web address in the book at the right locations for downloading and printing prompts and worksheets from the internet for free – just like I did it.

What people say

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“Self-reflection can be a powerful tool towards healing and growth and helps one gain perspective and insight, and this is exactly what Rory has achieved in this gripping story of the betrayal of alcohol that has caught many people from different walks of life.” 

Wim Roestenburg – Professor of B Soc Sc (Social Work) (Currently at NWU; North West University, RSA), MA (Clinical Social Work – Cum Laude), D Litt et Phil (Social Work); 

breakthrough into recovery rory magrath

“This book shows the fire Rory has for the Lord and the amazing journey he has been on. It’s a testimony of what God can do in a person’s life. Rory has a passion to see this transformation made available to any who needs it.”

Anne and Paul Lawrence, former Centre Directors of Ellel Grange – Ellel Ministries (Currently reside in Leeds, UK.)Anne Lawrence, BA, MA, MBA, PGCE and co-authorPaul Lawrence, Dip Mgt, MA & MBA

breakthrough into recovery rory magrath

“Rory’s story pulls no punches and is sobering in more ways than one. Read it and be inspired – even transformed, by seeing what happened when Rory began to depend not on alcohol but on Jesus Christ.”

Matt Wright, Baptist minister (MA) – Lister Hill Baptist church in Horsforth, Leeds, UK – and author (The Roman Road, and others.)

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